Monday, November 8, 2010

Job Hunting and Kevin Smith

In my last post I talked about possibly getting work on a short film. I did, but I don't know in which capacity(ies). Editor, composer, DP, I don't know. Problem is is that it doesn't shoot until January and I'm down to my last couple hundred bucks with bills coming up. I need to either get a job, or sell my camera this month, or I'm heading back to Oregon literally penniless.

I recently rediscovered and with how many applications I've filled out for boring normal work, I wouldn't be surprised if I got a job soon. I don't care about having to get a normal job at this point though. I just need any job to survive and that will allow me to stay down here and pay my bills.

On a happy note, i went to Smodcastle today as a member of s small group of people selected to be the first to witness the first screening of the teaser trailer for Kevin Smith's horror movie Red State.

Not going to talk about what I saw in the trailer. I don't want to spoil it, but I will say this: FUCKING. SHIT.

The flick looks awesome. Doesn't even look like a Kevin Smith film. It looks heavily atmospheric and gutting. People won't know what hit them. In terms of style and atmosphere, it reminded me of The Hills Have Eyes remake. Impressively, the teaser trailer itself was disturbing and it was only one minute long. I cannot wait to experience the other ninety-seven minutes.

Afterwards, he had us stay so we could give him our individual reactions. Yours truly was first and later last to go. He told us that he's going to keep my group together and bring us back for screenings of future trailers for the film and even possibly the film itself once all the technical aspects (sound, color timing, etc.) are completed.

As for my work, I have plenty. I am going to compose some music to try and convince Kevin to give Red State a score (hopefully composed by myself, but I doubt that'll happen), I have three editing projects under way (all of which I'm doing for free) and I have a great idea for a new dramatic short film. I'm very excited about this one as it will be extremely challenging to write because all the events and character development has to be extremely precise. No fat. The problem is, is that I write stream of conscious. Don't give me too much crap for it. Stallon, Nolan and Stephen King all do it too. I just can't do the index card method. I get too many visuals and ideas in my head that I have to type them out in the script before I forget. Index cards are supposed to have five to seven word descriptions of a scene and then you pin them up on a cork board in order of scene so you can see the flow of your film right in front of you. Last time I tried the index card method, I ended up filling up the things with notes and dialogue to the point that they were crammed full of tiny lettering that I could barely read.

I have to write the way I do not only because of my short-term memory problem, but also because it's more enjoyable that way. As Stephen King put it, it's like being an archeologist and as you're writing, you're discovering the story, much like an archeologist brushes away dirt to slowly reveal the completely skeleton and what it looks like.

Speaking of which -- I need to get to brushing the dirt before it gets too late.

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