Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Latest News

I've been mercilessly browsing craigslist and for work and it looks like may have paid off.

I finally got a response from a writer/director and it looks like I may be filming, editing and composing music for his short film with decent pay. Unfortunately, my funds have dwindled down to very low levels, so unless I sell my camera, or officially get this short film gig, I could be screwed.

I have resorted to job hunting. Tonight I have applied to work for a company that posts on YouTube. They have a "How To" channel as well as a Video Game Walkthrough channel. I applied for the video game job, recording myself playing video games and posting the videos on YouTube as walkthroughs. Not the most outstanding job in the world, but it pays $500 per week and that would be enough to not only support me, but also allow em to buy more filmmaking equipment and save up. I really hope I get it. Times are getting kind of desperate at the moment. I even asked my composer friend John if he knew of anybody looking for a personal assistant, or office person. He said he's going to ask around for me. What a cool guy.

I visited Oregon at the beginning of this month, but not under the happiest of circumstances. My grandfather is extremely ill and it looks like he may pass on soon. He just turned 86 on the 15th. It's hard, but not as hard as it could be. It's much different when you're expecting it than when it suddenly happens. It's still hard though. I've had nothing but good memories of him. 86 years is a long time though.

Since I couldn't afford to come back later in the month for my birthday, I celebrated it early with my mother, since it was her birthday as well.

It was nice. She bought me Iron Man 2 and American Beauty on blu-ray as well as the Clint Eastwood movie Heartbreak Ridge, co-starring Mario Van Peebles, whose new film I worked on back in August.

So it looks like I'll be celebrating my birthday down here. Still don't have too many friends down here, but Beth may have some of her friends, all of whom I like, over for a party. Just to spite her, I may make it a BBQ (she's a vegetarian), hahahahaha.

I still haven't made up my mind. I would like to go to the Fox and Hounds Pub over on Ventura. I hear it's an awesome British-style Pub. I would also like to get out and see a movie. Who knows. Any of those options would be fun.

Hopefully my next blog post will have better news.

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